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1. Technical Overview

ZETACORE is Stateless Network Computing(SNC) solution. PCs connected to ZETACORE Server can boot over network and managed centrally. Unlike traditional SBC (Server Based Computing)/Thin Client, You can experience the full performance of local PC’s computing power and more than 500 PCs can be served from a typical off-the-shelf single server. It is very easy to make a case for Network Computing from a system management standpoint. Environments are easily standardized and TCO will be much lower than traditional PC environments.


2. Key Features

  • Network Boot Loader
  • PCs can boot over network, LAN or WAN
  • Local Caching Module: Include file system upper filter driver so all
    systems will be initialized automatically at each boot.
  • Realtime Volume Assignment: If additional disk space is needed.
  • Realtime Rollback & Restore
  • Integrated Login Module: Include GINA & Credential Provider
  • Roaming Profile Module: With ZETACORE server and Login Module, easily implement roaming profile without Active Directory.
  • Remote Management: Control PCs even when they are in use.
  • Network Management: Built-in DHCP server


3. Benefits

Solve Manageability Issues: No more time-consuming & costly desktop support

  • Reduce TCO
  • Optimize Desktops Environment: Clean systems & maintain users’Profile and data
  • Perfect Physical Security with no HDD and various software modules
  • Prevent Internal Data Drains & Consolidate Data Storage
  • Complete Worm, Virus Cutoff
  • Reduce OS License Costs

4. Use Case

  • Large IT infra (Over 200 PCs)
  • Kiosk/PoS/Embedded
  • Computer based training center
  • Call center


5. Comparison – ZETACORE vs Traditional SBCs

In SBC (Server-based Computer) environment, all processing is handled by the server and outputs to clients. Whereas in ZETACORE environment, each individual clients handle the processing and by utilizing local computing resources, ZETACORE only requires minimal resources from the server. Therefore, ZETACORE can handle much more load demanding applications including multimedia.